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Hear tracks from Deep Sonic's album of upbeat electronica and dance, with feature performances by;

  • Planetella
  • Freedom Bremner
  • Lynae
  • Polina
  • Tanya Michelle

    You can listen to track snips below, or hear and read more about Deep Sonic at CDBaby. The CD is available for purchase at CDBaby and Amazon. Individual tracks are available for purchase at Napster, Rhapsody, and via Apple iTunes.

    Deep Sonic is an independent project. Anyone with a great idea, contact:

    Latest News
    • 10/2/11 - UPDATE: Life got in the way - in an immovable object way - for quite some time shortly after I wrote my last update. It took a while for things to settle. Been creative lately, and just heard some amazing remixes. More news in the coming year.
    • 1/21/09 - "The High" is featured in the movie "Surfer, Dude" during a TV ad about 21 minutes in, and it's now out on DVD. "The High" is, of course, available from your favorite music service!!!
    • 8/27/08 - One of the featured performers from the Deep Sonic CD - Freedom Bremner - has been covering "Summer Sky" when he tours/performs. A video (YouTube) of one of his performances came my way. There is justice in this world.
    • 7/27/07 - UPDATE: It's been a busy year. Wish I could say it was all music. Still, there's been TV play, and an art-house film license. Fun stuff so far. A "white label" remix/mash-up of Feeling Safe also reached my ears... 13 meg. (MP3) and a real treat.
    • 4/28/06 - Deep Sonic's digital download sales just passed 1000. Yup! That's 4 digits people. Only need another 3 to go platinum...
    • 12/4/05 - Looks like the Deep Sonic interview just got posted to the Hand Stitched Heart site.
    • 11/15/05 - "Feeling Safe" is on the Hand Stitched Heart collaborative. A bunch of artists pitched in to make an album. It's nice...
    • 11/1/05 - Domo arigato Japan! CDBaby digital sales reports Deep Sonic CD's sold in Japan. (in addition to iTunes UK & Europe) Don't know how folks out there hear about DS, but not complaining!
    • 5/4/05 - Much thanks to WKTU, WFMU, WRUV, WRHU, WRIU, WTMD, WBER, WHRB, WMBR, WSIA and any local support that was missed. DS appreciates the spins...
    • 3/16/05 - A milestone. According to the Mediaguide reporting service, Deep Sonic just had TV play on CBS and NBC, in addition to 100++ U.S. radio plays to date. Not bad...
    • 1/17/05 - Deep Sonic flying frequently... Ted Airlines (part of United Airlines) has selected "Sunrise" for airplay on all Ted flights. If you fly during January or February 2005, then be sure to listen for Deep Sonic on the in-flight mix. Nothing like a captive audience!
    • 11/1/04 - DJ's agree, Deep Sonic is sooo playyyyed!!! Much thanks to KSCU, WKTU, KXLU, KZSU, KBIG, KFSR, KPFA, KSYM, WAPS, WRIU, WRUV, WRUW, WVMM, WCDX, KXUA, WVUM, and others who remain undetected. Big whatup to California! My sensors have picked up a lot of activity in your area...
    • 8/25/04 - Check out Richie Hawtin's recent live set at Sala Pagoa in Spain, opening with a live remix of Deep Sonic's "Feeling Safe" (feat. Polina on vocals). UPDATE 2006: The recording seems to be offline now, but I couldn't help putting a snip of it here! (2.5meg)
    • 1/23/04 - "Sunrise" is a finalist in the electronica/dance category of the Independant Music Awards.

    • Find out more about Deep Sonic. (bio., credits, email, and stuff)
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